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Publication list [ Version 2005-2009 , Version 2007].
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Few papers Autonomous Vehicles and Bayesian Approaches

Autonomous Navigation of a Bi-steerable Car : Experimental Issues
J. Hermosillo, C. Pradalier, S. Sekhavat, C. Laugier - Machine Intelligence and Robotic Control Journal, Volume 5, Number 3, page 95-102 - September 2004

Steps towards safe navigation in open and dynamic environments
C. Laugier, S. Petti, Dizan Vasquez, M. Yguel, Th. Fraichard, O. Aycard - Proc. of the IEEE ICRA'05 Workshop on Autonomous Navigation in Dynamic Environments - Barcelona (ES) - April 2005

Planning Sub-Optimal and Continuous-Curvature Paths for Car-Like Robots
Scheuer A., Laugier C. Dans IEEE-RSJ Int. Conf. on Intelligent Robots and Systems 1 (10/1998) 25-31

Some Steps Towards Autonomous Cars
C. Laugier, S. Sekhavat, F. Large, J. Hermosillo, Z. Shiller - IAV 2001

The CyCab: a car-like robot navigating autonomously and safely among pedestrians
C. Pradalier, J. Hermosillo, C. Koike, C. Braillon, P. Bessière, C. Laugier - Robotics and Autonomous Systems, Volume 50, Number 1, page 51-68 - 2005

Navigation among moving obstacles using the NLVO : Principles and applications to Intelligent Vehicles
F. Large, C. Laugier, Z. Shiller - Autonomous Robots Journal, Volume 19, Number 2, page 159-171 - September 2005

Bayesian Occupancy Filtering for Multitarget Tracking: an Automotive Application
C. Coué, C. Pradalier, C. Laugier, Th. Fraichard, P. Bessière - Int. Journal of Robotics Research, Volume 25, Number 1, page 19--30 - January 2006

Geometric and Bayesian Models for Safe Navigation in Dynamic Environments
Christian Laugier, Dizan Vasquez, Manuel Yguel, Thierry Fraichard, Olivier Aycard - Intelligent Service Robotics - 2007

Dynamic Obstacle Avoidance in uncertain environment combining PVOs and Occupancy Grid
Chiara Fulgenzi, Anne Spalanzani, Christian Laugier - Proc. of the IEEE Int. Conf. on Robotics and Automation - Rome - April 2007

Dense Mapping for Range Sensors: Efficient Algorithms and Sparse Representations
M. Yguel and C. Tay Meng Keat and C. Braillon and C. Laugier and O. Aycard - Proceedings of Robotics: Science and Systems - Atlanta, GA, USA -June 2007

Growing Hidden Markov Models: an Incremental Tool for Learning and Predicting Human and Vehicle Motion
Dizan Vasquez and Thierry Fraichard and Christian Laugier - International Journal of Robotics Research 28, 11-12 (2009) 1486-1506

Incremental Learning of Statistical Motion Patterns with Growing Hidden Markov Models
Dizan Vasquez and Thierry Fraichard and Christian Laugier - Transaction on Intelligent Transportation Systems (2009)

Error-Driven Refinement of Multi-scale Gaussian Maps Application to 3-D Multi-scale map building, compression and merging
M. Yguel, D. A. Vasquez Govea, O. Aycard, R. Siegwart, C. Laugier - ISRR 2009, 14th International Symposium on Robotics Research, 2009.

Probabilistic motion planning among moving obstacles following typical motion patterns
Chiara Fulgenzi, Anne Spalanzani, Christian Laugier - Proc. of the IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent RObots and Systems (2009)

Few papers - haptics of Medical-simulators

L'immatériel au bout des doigts

Towards a realistic echographic simulator
D. d'Aulignac, C. Laugier, J. Troccaz, S. Viera - Journal of Medical Image Analysis - Available on-line 24 May 2005., Volume In Press - May 2005

Towards a realistic medical simulator using virtual environments and haptic interaction
C. Laugier, C. Mendoza, K. Sundaraj - ISSR 2001

Cutting Using Haptics and Non Linear Finite Element Models
C. Mendoza, C. Laugier - IEEE International Symposium on Robotics and Automation (ICRA), Taipei, Taiwan, sep 2003.

Achieving Dextrous Grasping By Integrating Planning and Vision Based Sensing
C. Bard, C. Bellier, J. Troccaz, C. Laugier, Bill Triggs, G. Vercelli - International Journal of Robotics Research - 1995