Anne Spalanzani

Assistant Professor (Maître de conférences) at Pierre-Mendès-France University

Career on Perception and Navigation

2004-: Assistant Professor in Computer Sciences, Pierre-Mendès-France University, IUT2 de Grenoble, France. Researcher at e-Motion team (LIG/INRIA), Grenoble, France.

main topics: Robotics. Human aware navigation in dynamic environments. Automated wheelchair. Perception.

2002-2003: Post-Doc at Sharp team (Gravir-INRIA), Grenoble, France.

main topic: Relevant information selection using evolutionary algorithms and probabilistic methods.

2001-2002: Engineer at Amoweba SAS, Annecy, France.

main topic: Peer-to-peer systems and knowledge management.

2000-2001: Post-Doc at autonomous robotics and artifical life laboratory. C.N.R., Rome, Italy.

main topic: The effects of the interaction between learning and evolutionary methods.

1995-1999: phD in Computer Sciences, Systems and Communication, Joseph Fourier University, Grenoble, France.

main topic: Evolutionary algorithms and speech recognition robustness in changing environments. CLIPS laboratory, Grenoble, France.

phD students

Chiara Fulgenzi "Autonomous navigation in dynamic uncertain environment using probabilistic models of perception and collision risk prediction". Defended in june 2009.
Jorge Rios-Martinez "Socially-Aware Robot Navigation: combining Risk Assessment and Social Conventions". Defended in January 2013.
Procopio Silveira Stein "Navigation in Dynamic Environments taking advantage of moving agents". In collaboration with the University of Aveiro (Portugal). Defended in october 2013.
Arturo Escobedo "User Intention Estimation for Semi-Autonomous Navigation of a Robotic Wheelchair". Defended in october 2014.
Vishnu Narayanan "visual servoing, user intention and semi-autonomous navigation of a wheelchair". In collaboration with Lagadic Rennes.

PostDoc students

Mathias Perrolaz
Panagiotis Papadakis
Procopio Silveira Stein