Cognition Bayésienne

International workshop on probabilistic models of perception, inference, reasoning, decision, action, learning and neural processing

WORKSHOP : Paris, January 16 - 18, 2006

  •  Alain Berthoz, Collège de France
  •  Pierre Bessière, CNRS, “Subjectivist Approach to Cognition
  •  Heinrich Bülthoff, Max Planck Institute,“Integration of visual, auditory and vestibular information in spatial orientation tasks
  •  Peter Dayan, University College of London, “Uncertainty and Neuromodulation
  •  Sophie Denève, CNRS, “Bayesian inference with spiking neurons
  •  Jacques Droulez, LPPA, “Subjects and Objects in Motion
  •  Ian Hacking, Collège de France , “If subjective probability models the mind, whose mind does it model ?
  •  Ben Kuipers, University of Texas, “Bayesian reasoning in hybrid topological-metrical maps
  •  David MacKay, University of Cambridge, “Bits and Spikes
  •  Pascal Mamassian, Paris V University, “Bayesian models for 3D perception
  •  José Millan, IDIAP, “Brain-controlled robots
  •  Kevin Murphy, University of British Columbia, “Object Recognition in Context
  •  Alexandre Pouget, University of Rochester, “Bayesian inference with probabilistic population codes
  •  Rajesh Rao, University of Washington, “Action as Bayesian Inference
  •  Michael Shadlen, University of Washington, “Sequential analysis of evidence and prior probability by neurons in parietal cortex
  •  Roland Siegwart, EPFL, “Robot Navigation - From Metric to Cognitive Maps
  •  Eero Simoncelli, New York University, “Bayesian perception and representation of visual motion
  •  Jean-Jacques Slotine, MIT, “Modularity, synchronization, and the brain
  •  Josh Tenenbaum, MIT, “Bayesian models of human learning and reasoning
  •  Sebastian Thrun, Stanford University, “175 Miles Through The Desert : Bayesian Reasoning in Outdoor Robotics
  •  Daniel Wolpert, University of Cambridge, “Probabilistic models of sensorimotor control